tita cory aquino at ayala avenue : photo tribute #1

cory aquino ayala avenue

wawam photo. cory at ayala avenue

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people photo gallery 5: august 3, 2009 cory aquino at ayala avenue

cory aquino at ayala avenue


couple salutes tita cory aquino as her casket goes through ayala avenue.

couple salutes tita cory aquino as her casket goes through ayala avenue.

lea salonga’s “bayan ko” at cory aquino’s funeral

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people photo gallery 2: august 3, 2009 – cory aquino’s triumphant march through ayala avenue (find yourself in the picture)

cory aquino’s remains were brought through ayala avenue from la salle greenhills in san juan on its way to the manila cathedral. with yellow confetti raining on the huge crowd and chants of “cory! cory!” ringing, it was reminiscent of the people power revolution when cory went on the same avenue to the same triumphant support of the ayala avenue crowd.

we are marking august 3, 2009 as a historic day and in honor and tribute to cory, we are posting here pictures we took of the event and the people that made it historic.


where you at ayala avenue yesterday, august 3, the day cory’s remains triumphantly passed through ayala avenue for the last time?  

we were there too and we saw almost everyone had their cell phone  and digital cameras with them taking pictures of themselves and friends  to mark their presence on ayala avenue on that day. all sorts of pictures were taken –  the  event,  office mates  and almost everything that happened.

this is our way  to celebrate and honor cory’s triumphs on ayala avenue and to remember this historic day with you. join us in marking august 3 as one of the most memorable events on ayala avenue’s long history of hosting  events of national importance.

be part of that historic day and send us your pictures. email to: wawam.email@gmail.com.

indicate in the email if you wish your name, as owner of the picture,  to be published along with the picture. it is understand that your sending the picture to us through email means you agree to have it published and no claim on remuneration for publication is being made.

you may add a caption to the picture by making a comment on the picture after it is posted on the blog.

august 3 ayala avenue cory aquino assumptionista

august 3 ayala avenue cory aquino

august 3 2009 cory aquino ayala avenue

august 3 2009 ayala avenue cory aquino




come back to this blog as we are still in the process of posting the many pictures we took.

for more photos click here:

Cory! Cory!

Mrs. Aquino came to power through what amounted to popular acclaim — she called it “people power” — expressed by huge crowds that gathered in support of her. Her popularity reached its peak during her presidential campaign against Mr. Marcos in January 1986, when she was surrounded by enthusiastic crowds chanting, “Cory! Cory! Cory!’”

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cory aquino tribute images – 1 yellow flowers

Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo – Apo Hiking – Philippines

Time Magazine: Cory Aquino – The Saint Of People Power



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the smiling tita cory – a tribute in pictures

barack obama and gloria macapagal arroyo dinner video

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